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Making OnLine Credit Card Transactions Secure.


The world will soon be hearing more about the Securter™.
  Be a part of it, rather than apart from it.

A Vision Comes to Life

Securter’s emerging technology replaces a huge problem with a huge opportunity. Every time that you use a credit card to make an online purchase, your privacy is at risk. Billions of dollars are lost to fraud annually, arising from identity theft and criminal use of illegally obtained credit card information. The invasive impact of this problem is immense, and growing.

Securter consists of a team of scientists, programmers and business experts who are developing new tools to reduce this harm. Their emerging technology consists of software and hardware in novations, collectively called the Securter™. A number of key milestones have been reached, including various forms of validation, prototyping, patent applications, and identification of suitable industry alliances. The next development phase consists of “bringing it all together ”, so that the Securter™ can be commercialized.

This domain, will become the home of a new website, to be unveiled in stages, as the next development sequence is implemented. Strategic alliances are now being formed and will be announced publicly.

If you are an accredited financial institution or a recognized online retailer who wants to benefit from the next generation of harm reduction in Card Not Present (CNP) credit card processing, we invite you to contact us at the coordinates below. 

Press Release

Digatrade Enters into Letter of Intent to Develop More Secure Fintech

VANCOUVER, BC / ACCESSWIRE / February 5, 2019 / DIGATRADE FINANCIAL CORP (DIGAF), an OTC digital asset trade desk for institutions and financial technology company, has entered into a Letter of Intent ("LOI") with Securter Inc., a private Canadian Corporation that is developing a proprietary, patent-pending credit card payment platform to...

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